OMNITRONIC DXO-24E Digital Controller

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Digital stereo active crossover with 2 inputs and 4 outputs, incl. software

  • Flexible routing configurations for all standard mono and stereo output operating modes
  • 2 analog inputs and 4 analog outputs (XLR)
  • Active frequency filter types (Bessel, Butterworth and Linkwitz-Riley) with slopes up to 24 dB/octave split up the audio signal into different frequency bands
  • Incl. software editor (for PC and Mac) for remote control via computer through USB interface: store, transfer, and manage your presets
  • Up to 30 user presets storable in the device via software
  • Alphanumeric LCD screen with 2 lines of 16 characters each
  • Input sensitivity digitally adjustable
  • Inputs and outputs with 4-digit LED level meter as well as clip and limit LED indicator
  • Mute switch with LED indicator per output
  • 7-band parametric EQ per output
  • Up to 7 ms signal delay adjustable for the outputs
  • Output limiter with adjustable limits and automatic attack and release settings as overload protection for your amplifying system
  • Switchable phase
  • Lock function for protecting the program settings
  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 10 and Mac OS X 10.5.8 and better
  • Digital signal processor
  • The device can be connected via USB to the PC in connection with DXO Software
    The firmware can be updated via the PC connection
  • (19") 48.3 cm rack installation 1 U

Power supply: 100-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
6 V DC 800 mA
Frequency range: 10 - 30000 Hz
THD: <0.005 % at 1 kHz
DSP: Digital signal processor
Power connection: Mains input Coaxial power connector (M) Power supply cord with AC adapter (provided)
Crossover frequency: 20-20000 Hz
Impedance: Input 10 kOhm
Output 50 Ohm
Gain: Output: -50 dB to +12 dB
Filter: Linkwitz-Riley; Butterworth; Bessel; 6db/oct; 12db/oct; 18db/oct; 24db/oct
Delay: 0 - 5 ms
Dynamic range: Input: 114 dB
Output: 110 dB
Sample rate: 67 kHz
Connections: Input: 2 x line via 3-pin XLR
Output: 4 x line via 3-pin XLR
Max. level: Input: +22 dBu
Output: +9 dBu
USB port: Typ B
PC connect: DXO Software via USB, firmware can be updated
Housing design: (19") 48.3 cm rack installation 1 U
Dimension: Width: 48.3 cm
Depth: 12.8 cm
Height: 4.45 cm
Weight: 1.60 kg

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