Garso sistema SUB18TOP12

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Garso sistemą sudaro 18" aktyvus subuferis ir du 12" pasyvūs topai su dviem 10m kabeliais


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A 500W 18" active subwoofer and an additional 2x 250W integrated full range amplifier for connecting wide range tops. This subwoofer is solidly designed, compact and produces excellent earthshaking bass tones of a high quality. Features a SUB frequency range of 20-200Hz, an echo-mode, stereo line inputs and a protecting-grille. Suitable for mobile DJs, medium/large bars, all kinds of parties, at home etc..

  • Active 500W subwoofer
  • 2x 250W full range amplifier
  • Stereo line inputs with Loop Thru function
  • Microphone input with echo function
  • Metal grille to protect the woofer
  • Integrated handles
  • Carpet covering and wear resistant
  • Supplied per piece

Brand Vonyx
Features Speaker pole mount
Input Connections 6.3 mm jack, RCA
Output Connections RCA
Speaker Connections Speaker 2-pin
Speaker type Amplified
Output power:Max 1000W
Output power 500W
Diameter woofer 18"
Frequency Response 20 - 20.000 Hz
Impedance 8ohm
Crossover frequency 200Hz
Power Supply 220-240VAC 50Hz
Dimensions (L x W x H) 410 x 550 x 600mm
Weight (kg) 24.3


A 12" speaker in a strong ABS cabinet. Comes with a powerful mid-low woofer and a high compression dynamic horndriver. The durable impact resistant moulded light weight enclosure is complemented with a tough metal grille that protects the woofer. This passive speaker is ideal for use in bars, restaurants, small theatres and halls, fitness and conference rooms and on stages.

  • Extremely powerful 12" mid-low woofer
  • High power dynamic compression horn driver
  • Wide dispersion horn
  • Stand mounting with 35mm pole socket
  • ABS light weight system
  • NL4 in- and output socket
  • Supplied per piece
Brand Vonyx
Features Speaker pole mount
Speaker type Non-Amplified
Output power:Max 600W
Output power 300W
Frequency Response 50 - 19.000 Hz
Tweeter type Piezo
Diameter woofer 12"
Magnet weight 30 oz
Impedance 8ohm
SPL @ 1W/1m 96dB
SPL max 122dB
Dimensions (L x W x H) 315 x 375 x 585mm

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