Sumažinta kaina! 3.5mm Stereo Male - 3.5mm Stereo Female 3.0m Padidinti

3.5mm Stereo Male - 3.5mm Stereo Female 3.0m

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PD Connex professional HQ 3,5 Jack (M - stereo) - 3,5 Jack (F - stereo) signal cable. This flexible signal cable is fitted with high quality metal connectors and guarantees a trouble-free and reliable signal transmission. Supplied including cable tie.

  • Professional flexible cable
  • High quality metal connectors
  • Cable tie included
  • Various lengths available

Brand PD-Connex
Plug A 3.5 mm jack (stereo) (F), 3.5 mm jack (stereo) (M)
Lead length 3m
Conductor 28x0.1mm
Outer diameter 6mm
Shielding 84x0.1mm
Weight (kg) 0.2

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