Behringer XENYX Q802USB mikšerinis pultas

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  • Premium 8-Input 2-Bus Mixer with XENYX Mic Preamps & Compressors, British EQs and USB/Audio Interface
  •     Premium ultra-low noise, high headroom analog mixer
  •     2 state-of-the-art XENYX Mic Preamps comparable to stand-alone boutique preamps
  •     Studio-grade compressors with super-easy “one-knob” functionality and control LED for professional vocal and instrumental sound
  •     Built-in stereo USB/Audio Interface to connect directly to your computer. Free audio recording, editing and podcasting software plus 150 instrument/effect plug-ins downloadable at
  •     Neo-classic "British" 3-band EQs for warm and musical sound
  •     1 post fader FX send per channel for external FX devices
  •     1 stereo aux return for FX applications or as separate stereo input
  •     Main mix outputs plus separate control room, phones and 2-Track outputs
  •     2-Track inputs assignable to main mix or control room/phones outputs
  •     Designed and engineered in Germany

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