BeamZ H2000 rūko mašina DMX

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A compact 1700W faze machine with continuous output. The digital LCD display lets you set DMX and stand alone functions. The fazer features adjustable fan speeds and output to get the desired faze effect.

  • Works with regular smoke fluid
  • 2-channel DMX mode, smoke output and fan speed
  • Adjustable output and fan speed in stand alone mode
  • Continuous output after initial warmup time

Brand Beamz
Heating element 1700W
Heat-up time (minutes) 3
Tank capacity 1.2l
Modes DMX
DMX Channels 2
DMX Connector 3-pin XLR
Power Supply 220-240VAC 50Hz
Dimensions (L x W x H) 350 x 185 x 360mm
Weight (kg) 6.8
Accessories Power Cable

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