Skytec STWM721 1-kanalo UHF bevielis mikrofonas

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A single-channel UHF Wireless System with handheld microphone. The UHF technique ensures good sound quality and reliability. Ideal for on stage, vocalists, presentations etc.
  • UHF Single-channel system
  • Front mounted antenna
  • RF/AF indicators
  • Handheld mic.
  • XLR/Aux (6.35mm) output sockets

Brand Skytec
Output Connections 6.3 mm jack, XLR (3-pin)
Dynamic range >90dB
Frequency Handheld microphone 863.100 MHz
RF Output <10mW
Signal-to-noise ratio >90dB
THD <0.5%
Batteries 3V (2x AA)
Power Supply 220-240VAC 50Hz (12V Adapter)
Dimensions:Receiver 127 x 180 x 43mm
Dimensions:Microphone 240 x 50mm
Weight (kg) 1.05
Weight:Receiver (kg) 0.52
Weight:Microphone 0.18

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