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  • Software features of Laserworld Showeditor:
  • Internal resolution XY: 32 Bit
  • Resolution color RGBI: 8 Bit
  • Number of tracks on timeline: 48 tracks on 16 track pages + 18 effects each
  • Matrix Mapping: 16 track page mixes to up to 16 ILDA interfaces
  • Number of output interfaces at control PC: no limitation
  • Number of interfaces with output at the same time: 16
  • Output speed max.: ~150.000 points per second
  • Bitmap Tracing: Yes
  • AI File Import: Yes, file version 5
  • ILDA Import / Export: Single frames and whole shows
  • ILDA Export protection: can be locked to license
  • SMS output on Laser: Yes (Siemens TSM Module TC35i or TXT file)
  • Running text: Yes
  • Morphing text: Yes
  • Fonts: any TTF + 3 extra fonts
  • Simulation: Yes (either DAC or simulation)
  • Real time output to laser: Yes
  • Multi Screen support: Yes (window positions are saved)
  • Skin (custom colors for software look): Selectable
  • Individual scanner settings per output interface: Yes (including pps rate)
  • Individual color correction per output interface: Yes, TTL, Analog, RGB, 3-point
  • Individual mapping per output interface: Yes, TTL, Analog, RGB, 3-point
  • Individual geometric correction per output interface: Yes, invert X/Y, distortion, Size, position, etc.
  • Safety zones / beam attenuation: Yes, per output interface. 2 with soft fading
  • Individual names per output interface: Yes
  • Settings can be saved: Yes
  • Virtual hardware for simulation etc.: Yes
  • Playlist support: Yes
  • Auto Monitor Standby: Yes
  • Video support: Yes, video as basis for timeline shows output via second monitor channel
  • Free shows: more than 250 Free shows supported
  • Commercial shows: available online
  • X/Y scanner output with 12 bit resolution (4096 different positions on each axis)
  • Up to 6 color output with 8 bit resolution (256 different values per color channels): red, green, blue, intensity, user defined 1, user defined 2
  • DMX512 input and output (non-isolated)
  • 10/100 Mbit Ethernet port
  • Flexible IP address setting: fixed address, DHCP or AutoIP
  • Micro-SD card slot for ILDA file playback (ILDA format code 5 RGB)
  • Built-in laser figures for stand alone operation
  • Stand alone operation via DMX control or auto trigger
  • Maximum scan speed of up to 150kpps
  • Up to 16 devices can be used in parallel for multi-projector laser shows
  • Control: ILDA; DMX

Dimensions (L x W x H): 300 x 280 x 180 mm
Weight: 0,9 kg
IP classification: IP20
Laser class: Without laser
Height: 18 cm
Depth: 28 cm
Width: 30 cm

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